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Action Plan in relation to the phased implementation of the provisions of the Act

1. First Quarter 2004 | 2. Second Quarter 2004 | 3. First Quarter 2005 and Further|

Second Quarter 2004

    The commencement on 1-5-2004 of Part 3 of the Act which relates to preparation of Schemes.
    Section 11 provides that public bodies have a duty to prepare a statutory scheme detailing the services that they will provide
    - through the medium of Irish,
    - through the medium of English, and
    - through the medium of Irish and English;
    and the measures to be adopted to ensure that any service not provided by the body through the medium of the Irish language will be so provided.

    Section 12 provides that guidelines shall be prepared to assist public bodies in the preparation of schemes.

    Section 13 provides that public bodies have a duty to ensure that
    - an adequate number of its staff are competent in the Irish language to meet the demand from the public for the delivery of services in the Irish language;
    - the particular Irish language requirements associated with the provision of services in Gaeltacht areas are met.
    - the Irish language becomes the working language in its offices situated in the
    Gaeltacht areas within a certain timeframe to be agreed between the public
    body and the Minister.
    It is intended to commence with the preparation of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs own scheme in tandem with the preparation of guidelines under Section 12.
    This process will continue until schemes have been agreed with all public bodies included in the First Schedule of the Act.

    Commencement of Section 10 of the Act which relates to the duty of public bodies, which are also State Bodies, to ensure that certain documents, which are of particular importance to the public shall be published in the Irish and English language simultaneously, for example annual reports.
    3. First Quarter 2005 and later>>>