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Action Plan in relation to the phased implementation of the provisions of the Act

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First Quarter 2005

    Commencement of Section 9(3) which relates to the duty of public bodies to ensure that any communication providing information to the public - in writing or by electronic mail - is in the Irish language or in the Irish and English languages.

Dates to be announced

    Section 7, which relates to the publication of Acts simultaneously in Irish and English.

    Section 8 which relates to the right of a person to be heard and to use the Irish language in court proceedings
    Commencement dates will be announced as soon as consultations Discussions are currently underway are concluded.

For Public Bodies and for State-sponsored bodies the provision of services through Irish will be a statutory requirement according to the terms of the Act. Many firms in the private sector are also considering the advantages of providing the same amenities even though they will not legally be bound by the terms of the Act.
Thus the provision of services through Irish, when these are requested,is seen to be desirable by those who want to up their profile with the Irish-receptive community. Indeed now is a very opportune time for businesses to commence thinking seriously about the most effective and positive way to implement or revise their policy toward Irish language. Most businesses will want to adapt and translate.their English language promotional literature and update their web pages.

Copies of the Official Languages Act = The Official Languages Equality Bill are available from Government Publications Office, Sun Alliance Building, Leinster House Street Dublin 2, or ring 01 6476834/35/36/37; Fax: 01 6476834 to order a copy through the post.
A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

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